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Malorie Orme
Floralist, Owner & Creative Director


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Well, hello. One of my greatest joys is celebrating my people, gathering around the table and giving you lots of excuses to do the same with your fold. I live in the heart of  Atlanta with my incredible husband, Jason, and my precious two kiddos. Gathering inspiration from all facets of life, I am a firm believer that setting intention to the details begins to transform any environment. I’ve had the joy of designing for wedding receptions, restaurant waiting areas, office lobbies and (my personal favorite) your very own dining room table.

This beautiful floral adventure started in 2013 with a desire to creatively serve people who wanted to brighten and elevate the everyday as well as the special moments, and flowers just have that flutter power. 

Petal + Fold’s name came from a simple nod to the majesty found in flowers and gathering. ‘Petal’ is a reflection of the belief that every part of the flower has a part to play in displaying beauty. In multiplicatives of each petal, something truly unique and inspiring forms. ‘Fold’ comes from an ancient story about a king who threw a lavish banquet and none of the attendees came. He then sent out an invitation the hills and hedges for anyone, and everyone, to join in and fill the room. This ‘folding in’ reminds us that everyone has a seat at the table and how there is power in celebrating your fold. 

Leading with intentionality and grace, it would be my honor to partner with you.